Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Attributes of the Architecture

As promised, I hope to reduce some of the confusion of all of the names used in what I refer to as "the SOA Movement." Some of these terms are Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Complex Event Processing (CEP) and many others.

First off, all of these things have different purposes. In the course of this blog, I will try to reduce the confusion. I hope that you will help me with comment and pepper me with questions.

Over time, you will see that my perspective of this subject tends to be a little different than what a lot of people are posting now. I believe that inherrently there is a new programming language being developed. A programming language where services are the commands, portals, business process management and integration suites are the logic or flow of the language. And the audience is not the computer science major, but rather the business major.

My philosophy of Service Oriented Abstraction is that our purpose is to allow us to:

Separate the Complexities of Business Processes or What we do

From the Complexities of Data Manipulation or Functionality or How we do it

From the Complexities of Data or Things we do it to