Friday, August 01, 2008


I was talking with a friend of mine today and he was making fun of the fact that I call myself an SOA Evangelist. He said there are some interesting anagrams for evangelist, so I had to go see. Here are some interesting ones that came up for SOA Evangelist:

Galvanise Toes
Navigates Loses
Nostalgia Eves
Salvation Gees
Envisage Altos
Negative Lasso
Gasolene Vista
Naivetes Goals
Loveseat Gains
Eating Salvoes (Cheers)
A Evangelist So (should be a question... A evangelist, so?)
A Negative Loss
A Navel Egoists
A Goat Evilness
Again Lose Vest

In particular I think the Naivetes Goal and Negative Lasso are particularly interesting.