Saturday, April 05, 2008

What does everyone keep considering WS-* as SOA?

I was reading Dana Gardner's blog on WOA will soon eclipse SOA as most impactful business transformation agent. I am confused why there is even a challenge.

Even at Gartner's Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit Dec 2008 in Las Vegas had two men I highly respect Roy Schulte and Nick Gall (blog) had a point-counterpoint discussion about WS-* vs. REST. Although it was very fun to listen and participate, I believe that when statements about WOA replacing SOA doesn't seem to jive with me.

To me, SOA is more about take functionality and making it abstract, network-able and find-able. I believe that it's goal is to abstract functionality to the level that business people can understand and use it. That is why SOA is an incredible partner with Event Driven Architecture, BPM, BAM, Mash-ups, etc. When a business person (I would dare say the new "programmer") can understand the command of our new paradigm, productivity and effectiveness will go through the roof.

Perhaps the discussion focuses more around which is a better protocol for getting at the information. REST or WS-*. In that context, there is a lot of worthwhile debate. But I don't think an answer either way would make "WOA replace SOA" I think they are on different layers of abstraction.

I read a presentation of Nick Gall's (don't have the reference) and it said "We made software because hardware was too hard. Now software isn't soft enough. What is softer than software?" This is the problem I want to solve. I believe that the coordinated application of EDA (CEP), SOA, BPM, BAM in concert with a business awareness found in Enterprise Architecture will lead us down to the solution of Nick's challenge.